Still, Small Voice, part II

I just wanted to add a little follow-up to my last post.  Considering the options, I’ll attribute this to God’s sense of humor.

Like I said in the post, God’s audible voice is distinctly different that the other dozen or so voices rattling around inside my head.  Last week while working, I was considering calling somebody and asking him for some help in a situation I was in — I had actually just gotten off the phone with the guy, and my question would’ve been an appropriate response to his call, but I had hung up the phone with the attitude of placing the situation in God’s more-than-capable hands.

As I was considering “helping” God in the situation, I heard a voice say “call him”.  I looked up at God and chuckled a little as I responded in my head, “God, that was my voice”

I tried to get serious, to talk to God and lay out my petition before Him, and I heard the voice, deeper this time, “just call him”.  This time, I laughed out loud, and responded out loud, “God, that’s still my voice, only deeper!”

Does my subconscious think I’m that stupid?  Have I given it reason to think I’m that dull?  Probably!  One of my prayers of late has been for God to bind my Spirit with His, to soften mine so that I don’t miss any of His promptings.  He sent His Spirit as a Comforter, Counselor, Truth-revealer.  I want to take absolute advantage of everything God’s offered, in order that I might better serve Him in all the ways that He demands.